Make your home, Factory, Office,  driveway or patio, look great this season by getting it professionally cleaned. Pressure cleaning is the most cost-effective way to freshen up and add value to your property.
At Sydney Concrete Cleaning we pride ourselves on doing the job right.

Pressure washing of concrete surfaces is normally done with high pressure (4000 PSI), using a pressure washer along with a special driveway cleaning device. Some chemicals may be used if necessary.Pressure washing dramatically changes the appearance of concrete without compromising the integrity of the surface.

In some special cases, concrete may be acid etched to remove sealants, and various staining, especially if concrete is to be stained with a concrete stain. Some more fragile surfaces, commonly found on pool decking, patios, and other decorative concrete and stonework will also clean very well using reduced pressures.

Sydney Concrete Cleaning has over 15 years of experience removing mold, mildew, and loose dirt from various hard surfaces.