rs1Do you have an existing concrete space which needs a refresh?

Our resurfacing solutions could be the answer. Concrete resurfacing is a flexible and cost effective option, with a range of colours and finishes to choose from.

Resurfacing is ideal for restoring tired looking concrete areas, driveways and pathways, or complementing your new space with a fresh, contemporary look

.We only use Parchem products and are recommended applicators and the full range of products can be found at

We can restore your concrete area from $30 per square metre and also repair cracks,build up slabs and grind and polish concrete.

Stencil Pattern Concrete

Stencil Pattern Concrete is an effect achieved by applying colours and patterns to new / existing concrete. Strong, durable & economical , the stencil pattern concrete is a system of adding colour, pattern and texture to a plain concrete slab. The finished job has the attractive look of brick or stone with a contrasting grout line. Popular looks include a fleck finish (that can replicate the look of exposed aggregate), tile, brick, pavers, bushrock, cobblestone and many other patterns.


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Fauxstone is a hard wearing decorative surface coating with a fleck overspray used to emulate the look of exposed aggregate or to create a distinctive look to your home.Fauxstone is applied over new and existing concrete and offers incredible flexibility and versatility. A stencil pattern can be added to the process for create a unique look to the project. Fauxstone can easily be applied to concrete for entertainment areas, steps, patios, garage floors, paths and driveways.